“ATTK-Invest” invite potential partners to invest in the implementation of projects related to building-up of high-speed ground effect vehicles – Ekarnoplan/WIG-craft.

Investment in development of WIG-craft models types A and B.
Development of the model of ground effect vehicles calls for carrying out of research activity and implementation following project phases:
- preliminary design of the specific model;
- consideration of technical requirements of the Customer;
- design works, draft and detail design development including wind tunnel tests;
- technological pre-production;
- parts production, procurement and delivery of components to build WIG-craft;
- strenght and endurance tests;
- manufacturing 1-2 units for test flights;
- formation of crew training facility;
- release the standard specification, operating and maintenance manuals;
- test flights and certification procedures;
- issue of documents for serial production;
- after sale support organization;
- marketing and sale promotion and

Estimated financing and time required to implement WIG-craft projects are shown in the table below
WIG-craft model Crew / pax Payload
Required financing
Time required
Annual financing
Profit making
Aquaglide-6/8 (type A) 1-2 / 4-6 800 kg 450-500 km 11.200.000,00 28-30 months 4.480.000,00 since 26th delivery
Aquaglide-30 (type A) 2-3 / 28-30 3500 kg 750-800 km 38.800.000,00 44-48 months 10.100.000,00 since 38th delivery
MPE-2 (type B) 2 / 0 260 kg 500 km 9.900.000,00 24-26 months 4.950.000,00 since 28th delivery
MPE-3 (type B) 1-2 / 10-12 1500 kg 800 km 19.800.000,00 30-34 months 7.000.000,00 since 32nd delivery
MPE-10 (type B) 2 / 20-22 2900 kg 850-900 km 49.700.000,00 46-50 months 12.000.000,00 since 45th delivery
For each of the entire project of developing and building WIG-craft “ATTK-INVEST” will provide potential Investors with consulting services and assistance for the following purposes:

- estimation of required investments depending on the scope of work and time frame;

- optimization and strategy of work to be carried out based on the concept of “ATTK-INVEST” to act as General Contractor-integrator;

- formation of organizational charts and formats of interaction with potential investor including joint ventures with consideration of minimization of financial, legal, political and other risks.

The advantage of partnership of potential Investor with “ATTK-INVEST’ is guaranteed due to the unique and long lasting experience of “ATTK-INVEST” specialists both in Rules and Regulation base making and in development of all types and sizes of WIG-craft types A and B for commercial and special applications.

The rights and obligations between “ATTK-INVEST” and potential Investors are governed by the terms and conditions of Investment agreement, specific agreements and contracts depending on the goals and scope of a particular project.