Company management and leading specialists
R.Nagapetyan Dr. Ruben A. Nagapetyan
General Director
Moscow head office/ Nizhniy Novgorod
A. Lukjanov Anatoly I. Lukjanov
Chief Designer of Ground effect vehicles
Nizhniy Novgorod
Design bureau
A.Maskalik Professor Alexander I. Maskalik
Head of the Scientific Research and Certification
Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council
Nizhniy Novgorod
G.Danielyan Gennady E. Danielyan
Director / Target Programs
Moscow Office
V.Belyak Valery K. Belyak
Director / Sales, Marketing, Investment
Moscow Office
G.Isakov Gennady Isakov
Captain - Instructor of ekranoplan
Nizhniy Novgorod
Training centre

Message from Dr. Ruben A. Nagapetyan, General Director of ATTK-INVEST

Dear Partners,Colleagues and Friends,

Some few month back we informed you about restructuring of JSC “Arctic Trade and Transport Company” along with the revision of Ekranoplans (WIG-craft) projects.

It will be fair to say that the years before JSC “ATTK” was very productive in many ways:  the company consolidated scientific and production resources in Russia after a long “dead season” after the Rostislav Alekseev era, brought together a fine team of unique specialists in the field of ekranoplans theory and engineering, accumulated the experience in operation under different extreme climate conditions of the first in the world certified passenger ekranoplan “AQUAGLIDE-5” and gain the knowledge of ekranoplan market in every part of the world.

Along with “Russian Maritime Register of shipping” and “International Maritime Organization” developed the basis for the certification of small passenger ekranoplans that became a bible for designers all over the world.

When the new XXI century stepped in it became clear that JSC “ATTK” needs restructuring and revision of earlier ekranoplan projects to meet the new technological, economic and environmental challenges.

Now we are proud to announce of registering a new company -  “ATTK-INVEST” as the first one of the emerging group of companies to pursue the ambitious goals set by predecessors – Alekseev's design bureau and JSC “ATTK” to bring it to new frontier.

Ruben A. Nagapetyan